Welcome to the Trades Buy Sell blog. In this post, you will find information about this site, how to use it, and our goals going forward.

In our experience, when trying to sell tools, leftover job materials, reno equipment, or services on any typical buy/sell site, ads that don’t relate to what we’re selling get mixed in with our products. Which makes it difficult to quickly and efficiently make a sale. That’s why we created this trade-specific website. It’s a one-stop-shop when looking for materials, tools, information, and even labour.

Continue on to see why this site could benefit you:

For Buying/Selling

Have you ever found yourself with leftover material from a past job? Perhaps you purchased a tool that you needed for a specific task that’s now collecting dust in your garage. On our site, you have the option to post it for sale or swap it for other materials/services. Barter if you want!

When posting, be as descriptive as possible and include measurements (if necessary) in your posting. It will limit repeat questions from other buyers.

For Employment
  • Are you a contract worker looking for a job? Post an employment ad and bump it up to the front page so those who are hiring can see it. List your skills, location, previous experience, and what type of job you are looking for. You can even post pictures of your work in the ad. Your next opportunity may be around the corner.
  • Are you a contractor looking to hire more workers or a specific skill set to help your project move along? Post an ad and bump it up to the front page so those looking for a job can reach out. Be sure to include which trade or skills you are looking for, how many hours you require, and what experience is necessary. Also, note if it’s an on-going job or a one time gig.

If you see a job wanted or job offer ad, reach out to the poster and start a chat. This can also be useful if you’re going to swap your skills with another tradesperson. Perhaps a taper can exchange their skills with a tile setter if the size of the job and compensation would be equal. You have the ability to work it out amongst yourselves.

Once you register, you will have access to a chat application that’s built directly into the website. There, you can have direct communication, in private, with other users— a great way to discuss and negotiate.

For The Info

As we grow, in the Trades Buy Sell blog, we will be posting an assortment of information relating to various trades. It could be tips and tricks, information on specific installation methods, product reviews, even standard pdf documents that can be downloaded and used on future jobs. How handy would it be to have a basic contract agreement at your fingertips? A job site checklist? Or a new business checklist?

If you have completed a job that you’re particularly proud of and would like to share pictures/information relating to your install. Email the photo’s and information to admin@tradesbuysell.com to be featured in our ‘contractor spotlight’ section.

Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list on the home page so you never miss an update.

Our Review System

Once you have an exchange with another user – be it verbal communication or a purchase/sale – or if you have hired/worked for someone you found through this site, you can review them. Let others know, respectfully, just how your interaction was. All posts will be monitored and inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.

A List of Favourites

You can add a posting to your favourites list by clicking the miniature heart on the posted ad. This allows you to keep an eye on the ad should the price drop, or if you’re simply not ready to make the purchase yet.

Tracking Your Ad Visits

If you post an ad, you can see how many people have visited your ad since the date of publishing. You simply go into your profile dashboard and select the advertisement you are curious about. It will display how many people visited your ad and on which date. By knowing you’re statistics, you can better gauge the need to bump up your ad.

Informative User Profile

You can fully customize your user profile. We know that a lot of tradespeople have been marketing themselves online through social media, so we have adapted these features onto our site. On your profile, you can add in your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or LinkedIn handles, as well as a self-description. When you view a sellers ad, all of their provided information will be present as well as any ads they have posted. Note that you’ll need to be registered with Trades Buy Sell to view this information.

Unlimited Ads!

With this site, you can post unlimited ads; however, they do expire after 30 days. This allows our users to know that all ads are current and not left up from years past.


With any buy/sell comes risk, so use your discretion when meeting up with buyers. Please be safe! Make sure you pick a secure location with plenty of pedestrians around. Keep in mind that police stations have begun implementing safe zones in their parking lots for those selling or buying online. Check with your local police department if this is a good option for you.


Having spent years working in trades, as a whole, we have accumulated a garage full of leftover building materials and tools. It would be great if we readily needed them, but unfortunately, most have been sitting static for years. Our goal is to provide a resource center where you can easily buy and sell your tools, material, and even services because we are trades specific.

Our website provides a portal where you can chat with other tradespeople for advice, knowledge, or even just trade talk. We want to better connect this community and provide the resources to do so.

We are providing blog content that will be fun, lighthearted, and other times, very in-depth and informative.

Sign up and give us a shot. By registering for an account you will have access to everything our site has to offer and when you subscribe to our mailing list you will be notified of any new Trades Buy Sell blog posts and any other necessary information.

Thank you for using Trades Buy Sell. If there is anything you want to see on our site, drop us a message to let us know, we will always do our best to meet everyone’s needs.